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COPAA Sessions at SfAA 2020!

The Consortium of Practicing and Applied Anthropologists (COPAA) is pleased to announce the following COPAA-sponsored sessions at the upcoming Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) Annual Meeting in March 17-21, 2020 in Albuquerque, NM.

  1. (W-43) WEDNESDAY, 10:00-11:50, Potters. What We Can Learn from COPAA’s ‘Business Anthropology on the Road’ (Business TIG). Chair: Elizabeth Briody (Cultural Keys LLC); Panelists: Elizabeth Briody (Cultural Keys LLC), Heidi Bludau (Monmouth U), Jenessa Spears (Consilience Group LLC), Susan Squires (UNT)

  2. (W-74) WEDNESDAY, 12:00-1:20, Weavers. COPAA-Applied Anthropology and Student Engagement: A Case Study Based on the Internship Program at the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA), University of Arizona (Higher Ed TIG). Chairs: Luminita-Anda Mandache and Diane Austin (U Arizona); Roundtable Participants: Diane Austin, Sydney Pullen, and Neida Wildine Rodriguez (U Arizona)

  3. (TH-15) THURSDAY, 8:00-9:50, Turquoise. COPAA Department Reflections on Applied Anthropology Training. Chair: Lindsey Feldman (U Memphis); Roundtable Participants: Emily Brunson (TX State U), Lindsey Feldman (U Memphis), Andrea Freidus (Turner) (UNCC), David Himmelgreen (USF), Sue Hyatt (IUPUI)

  4. (TH-37) THURSDAY, 10:00-11:50, Alvarado G. Practicing Anthropology in Politically Polarized Times: Insights from COPAA Members. Chair: Micah Trapp (U Memphis); Roundtable Participants: Antoinette Jackson (USF), Suzanne Kent (CO State U), Charles Klein, (Portland State U), Mariela Nunez-Janes (UNT), Mary Alice Scott (NMSU)

  5. (TH-123) THURSDAY, 3:30-5:20, Alvarado C. Realizing Global Citizenship: Interactions of Ethnicities, Citizenship, and Cultural Identities in Diverse Societies, a COPAA Student Session (Immigration TIG). Chair: Malavika Jinka Ramamurthy (MS State U); Panelists: Sarah Mellin (Davidson Coll), Cynthia Rodriguez (Davidson Coll), Anthony Munkres McDonald and Katelyn Farnsworth (NAU), Zoe Zaroff (GVSU) and Filiberto Penados (U Toronto), Ashley Gilliam (Brandeis U)


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