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2019 Membership Benefits & Obligations

COPAA members, including departmental, program, and practitioner affiliates, have access to several exclusive benefits! Access these benefits through the COPAA website, by working with the leadership team, and through annual meetings at SfAA.

Special Collaboration and Advertising Opportunities

     Collaboration Hub on

  • Program and course creation, including syllabi and project designs

  • Member connections for possible participation in

    • Practitioner, faculty, and classroom collaborations

    • Projects and research

    • Information about internships and other student opportunities


     Networking and Sharing Viewpoints with Applied Programs and Practitioners

  • Contribute to peer-viewed Notes from the Field series

  • Share your thoughts and respond on our Viewpoints blog


     Participation in COPAA Governance at COPAA Annual Meeting at SfAA Meetings

  • Development of and Participation in COPAA Sessions at the SfAA Meetings

  • Highly visible in the SfAA Annual Program

  • Advertising Your Applied Anthropology Program via COPAA’s new website and listserv, promotional materials, and networking opportunities


Special Programs

     Business Anthropology on the Road

  • Customized, two-day workshops, interactive discussions, and seminars related to business anthropology and anthropology associated with organizations, as well professionalization skills

  • Emphasis on domain knowledge, scholarship, employment, and consulting

  • COPAA member programs are responsible for presenters’ fees and travel costs

     Visiting Fellows Program

  • Collaboration on the design and implementation of a project involving a practitioner and a COPAA member program

  • Examples include creating an approach for using evaluation to build careers in evaluation research, implementing a “Space for Practice” anthropology lab, and redesigning a university-action research center, among others

  • Additional details available in late fall, 2019


Special Funding Options

     Two Student Representative Positions in COPAA Governance

  • Student reps assist with gathering, updating, and marketing content for the COPAA website, working on blog posts, and organizing sessions at the SfAA Meetings, among other tasks

  • Students gain professional development experience and travel assistance to COPAA Annual Meeting at the SfAA Meetings

  • Involves a two-year commitment by the students

      Visiting Fellows Program

  • Some funding available to departments to defray costs

  • Additional details available in late fall, 2019

      Practitioner Travel Assistance to COPAA Annual Meeting at the SfAA Meetings

  • Additional details available in late fall, 2019

Obligations of Membership

  • Pay biennial dues of $425 (dues are used mainly to support online community and website updates, expenses for the annual meetings, the Visiting Fellows Program, and invited speakers)

  • Send a representative from your organization to the annual COPAA meeting

  • Participate in activities of the Consortium that promote its mission

How to Join

Departments, practitioners, organizations, or individuals may request membership by contacting one of COPAA's co-chairs, or Consortium members may independently recommend that other departments be invited to join.

Interested in joining COPAA?

Email the Lead Co-Chair, Michael Duke -

If you are already a member of COPAA, sign up to access the Member only sections of this site below. Please use your COPAA affiliated email (likely your departmental or organizational email rather than your personal email).

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