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AAA Presidential Session

Thursday, November 21, 2019, 10:15-12:00 noon, Vancouver CC West, Room 213, West Level 2

Breaking Down Silos in Anthropology:

New Collaboration Models to Improve Integration between Academia and Practice

Organizer: Elizabeth K. Briody Chair: Mary Odell Butler

Anthropology, like many other disciplines, is experiencing growing pains as practicing/professional anthropologists become an ever-larger part of the discipline. In this session, we discuss professional struggles tied to a changing discipline as well as models for creating more room for anthropological diversity, unity, and equity.

We will begin with an overview of employment within the AAA membership, followed by a discussion of the relationship between theory and practice in science and the potential role of strong collaborative projects in raising the profile of anthropology in the world. Next, three demonstration projects serve as replicable models for collaboration in our complex, dynamic field.

This session represents a call to action. How will we adopt, adapt, and create new models to develop as a collaborative discipline, using both theory and practice and reaching out to “the other”? We encourage your participation. “We are AAA” and this is our problem to solve.


  • Daniel Ginsberg: The Past, Present and Future of Practitioners in the AAA

  • Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts: Theory, Practice and Knowledge, oh my!

  • Mary Odell Butler: De-Siloing Anthropology: Towards a More Visible Anthropology

  • Elizabeth K. Briody and Robert J. Morais: Business Anthropology on the Road! Driving Practice onto Campus

  • Terry Redding: Early Connections: Creating Space within Service to Engage Students and New Anthropologists

  • Sherri Briller and Zoe Nyssa: A Space for Practice: Building Collaborative Networks of Learners and Practitioners


  • Gillian Tett

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