Looking for work in gov't, industry, non-profits? These 4 webinars can help!

The AAA is sponsoring a series of 4 career webinars for anyone, but particularly those whose careers or job search have been disrupted by the effects of COVID-19.

Here is a link to the AAA promotional materials: https://www.americananthro.org/AttendEvents/Content.aspx?ItemNumber=2143&navItemNumber=637

July 9, 1:00 EDT: Get Hired! Showcase Your Unique Value (features practicing your elevator pitch)

July 16, 1:00 EDT: 5 Secrets for Building Networks that Lead to Jobs

July 23, 1:00 EDT: This Is Not Your Parents' Resume: New Ways to Tell Your Story

July 30, 1:00 EDT: Facing the Interview Squad: Strategies that Impress

For more information, contact: elizabeth.briody@gmail.com, dawnlehman11@gmail.com, jonieakien@gmail.com

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