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Helping Students Become "Career-Ready"

Riall Nolan and I are leading an anthropology-wide Career Readiness Commission. (See our first newsletter, attached.)

Commission Newsletter 1 090321
Download PDF • 9.50MB

Its vision is that anthropology programs embrace practice in their teaching and preparation of students for a diverse set of future careers. We represent all anthropology associations and societies in the U.S. across all subfields. Our work will last just one year, ending in May 2022.

We have been working hard since our launch on six workstreams -- from brainstorming ideas, to compiling resource materials, to developing lessons from departments who have tried to implement aspects of practice into their programs (e.g., internships, networking, experiential learning, class projects for a client). We are currently in the "Discovering Phase" which focuses especially on identifying training gaps based on discussions with departments, and conversations and surveys with practitioners.

Come join us and share your perspective. We welcome students (BA, MA, and PhD), practitioners, and teaching faculty and instructors. You'll be glad you did! Contact or

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