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COPAA VFP Description, Requirements, and Potential Activities


The COPAA Visiting Fellows Program is a short-term partnership opportunity involving a professional, practicing, or applied anthropologist (the Visiting Fellow, or VF) and a COPAA Member Anthropology Department. The program is designed to be mutually beneficial to both parties. The VF and Department develop a proposal to engage in a collaborative learning experience, share specific knowledge and skills (e.g., via seminars, courses, classroom discussions), and/or work on a project together. The program supports COPAA’s mission to advance the education and training of students, faculty, and professional and practicing anthropologists in applied anthropology.

Partnerships receive two forms of support: (1) $2500 to support expenses for a campus partner to host a Visiting Fellow and (2) $1000 to travel to the SfAA Annual Meeting where COPAA holds its annual business meeting ($500 to the lead faculty applicant and $500 to the Visiting Fellow).

Award Details


  • Professional, Practicing, or Applied Anthropologist

  • Faculty from COPAA-Member Anthropology Department

  • Departments must be current in payment of dues and may only submit one application per award cycle

  • Recipients from the prior year are not eligible

Award Scope and Disbursement ($2,500)

  • One award made biennially, in odd-numbered years.

  • Funds may be used to off-set costs for a campus visit or visits (meal, lodging, travel) and honorarium for the Visiting Fellow.

  • COPAA-Member Anthropology Department must submit a budget and budget justification. If the department will provide matching funds, please specify in the budget proposal (this is not a requirement to be considered for the award).

  • Half of the award will be dispersed at the start of the award period; remainder to be dispersed upon submission of Collaborative Report

  • Funds released by COPAA Treasurer:

Application Submission

  • Due Date: April 1 (odd-numbered years)

  • Send to COPAA Co-Chair Micah Trapp:

  • Applications will be evaluated based on scope of work and anticipated benefits for the practitioner and COPAA member department.

Notification of Award: May 1 (odd-numbered years)

Submission of Collaborative Report

  • Due Date: Within 1 month of the end of the year of award

  • Send to COPAA Co-Chair Micah Trapp:

  • o Guidelines for Collaborative Report below and on COPAA Website

  • o To be published in SfAA Newsletter

COPAA Visiting Fellow Presentation Grant ($500 x 2)

  • To support the presentation of collaborative work at a COPAA-sponsored session and the COPAA Business Meeting at the SFAA meeting immediately following the completion of the VF award

  • $500 awarded to Faculty Contact to offset travel costs to SfAA

  • $500 awarded to the VF to offset travel costs to SfAA.

  • Released by COPAA Treasurer following SfAA meetings and presentation

Examples of Potential Collaboration:

  • Mentoring students for careers in practice

  • Working with faculty to establish practical training materials

  • Guest lectures in a methods or applied anthropology class

  • Hosting workshops in specialized topics in practice

  • Keynote speaker at forum or conference

  • Consulting on community engaged research

  • Professional training and skill development (contract negotiation, designing scope of work, networking beyond the academy)

Visit for more information and past projects examples.

Guidelines for Collaborative Report:

At the end of the project, departments and Visiting Fellows should submit a collaborative written report to COPAA. This report should be written for publication in the SfAA newsletter. It should include:

  • Description of the collaboration

  • Accomplishments

  • Benefits to the students, faculty, department, and Visiting Fellow

  • What worked well and why

  • What did not work well and why

  • Suggestions for departments considering the program in the future

  • Photographs of the project

Deadline to submit the report: 1 month after the close of the collaboration.

  • Send to COPAA Co-Chair Micah Trapp:

COPAA Visiting Fellow Program Application

Submit to: COPAA Co-Chair:

Due date: April 1, 2020

Name of Visiting Fellow:



Name of Partnering Anthropology Department:

Name of Departmental Contact/Lead Faculty:



Project Narrative(5 page limit):

1. Scope of the project

Describe the project: its goals, the participants, and intended project activities. (Limit to one- half page.)

2. Benefits to Anthropology Department

Describe how the project will enhance or supplement the existing curriculum or help address an issue or concern to departmental members. Consider all departmental members including students, faculty, and staff. (Limit to 1 page.)

3. Benefits to Professional, Practicing or Applied Anthropologist

Describe the value of the particular department to the Visiting Fellow. For example, the Fellow may seek academic feedback on a project, hope to acquire broader knowledge or expertise in a particular area, or have an opportunity to practice a new method or approach. (Limit to 1 page.)

4. Overall Significance of Proposed Project Activities

Explain what role the project activities will play in highlighting the value of professional, practicing, and applied anthropology. (Limit to 1 page.)

5. Timeline

Identify the project activities that are planned during the semester of the award. Please place along a timeline. (Limit to one-half page.)

6. Budget

Identify anticipated expenses and provide a short budget justification. If a Department will contribute funding to the partnership, please include in budget.

7. Visiting Fellow Bio

Include the Visiting Fellow’s Bio as part of the application (Limit to 1 page).

8. Signatures and Date (electronic are acceptable)

Visiting Fellow Commitment:

By signing and dating below, the Visiting Fellow commits to the described activities of the COPAA Visiting Fellow award and its timeline.


Departmental Resources and Commitment By signing and dating below, the Anthropology Department agrees to pay travel, food, and lodging costs (1 trip) to campus for the COPAA Visiting Fellow during the semester of the award.

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